About Heat Map Bot

Heat Map Bot shows the latest news from around the world & market in heat map format. It groups news by sources, with elite news from CNBC, Bloomberg, and Reuters present for business; ESPN, Vice, Bleacher Report for entertainment; and the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News for world events and politics. Users can click on the tiles in each news group to read the specific articles. Larger tiles trend more according to an internal algorithm.

In terms of stocks in stock specific pages, Heat Map Bot offers a faster, more comprehensive way to visualize equity news by showing stock specific news and movement in one group, sector specific news and movement in another group, and market specific news and movement in the final group.

What Stock Map Is

In terms of the stock map page, the page is a heat map for the stock market. Investors use it to find stocks on the move faster, view trenders with ease, and get essential news and information for their stocks in seconds. The stock price data from Stock Map is near real time.

Unlike other heat maps, Stock map shows stocks based on both popularity and market cap. The site incorporates what’s popular with investors (Say AMD) and gives those stocks as much attention as stocks with a substantially larger market cap (say INTC). Like other heat maps, Stock Map shows stock movement and groups stocks by sectors, e.g. Technology, Healthcare, Services, etc.

In terms of stock movement, Stock Map has three colors, with tiles in bright green showing stocks that have rallied the most on the day. Tiles in black show stocks that are close to flat or unchanged, while tiles in bright red show stocks that have fallen the most on the day. Tiles in darker red haven’t fallen as much as those in light red and tiles in darker green haven’t rallied as much as those in light green.

In terms of data presented, Stock Map shows the symbol of stocks, and the associated daily move as a number in every tile. Say Facebook, a technology company, rallied 1.3% for the day. Since Facebook’s symbol is FB, Stock Map will show a tile under the technology column with the symbol ‘FB’ and the associated 1.3 number. Since Facebook’s market cap is large and investor interest is high, Facebook’s tile in the map will be among the largest.

Add Heat Map Bot to your Phone’s Home Page

If you’re an iPhone user, add Heat Map Bot to your phone’s home screen by following these directions.

For those who would like the short cut method, just

  1. Go to the Heatmapbot Homepage
  2. Pull the screen down to show the following menu and click on the up arrow box that is highlighted with the red circle

3. Move the following menu in the picture below to show the Add to Home Screen button and click:

4. Lastly click Add, and you are done.

For Android users, please follow these instructions to add Heat Map Bot to the home screen 

If you are on your desktop, just bookmark the site.

Where Heat Map Bot Gets Its Data

As for the data presented, all of Heat Map Bot’s data is sourced from IEX and its vendors. IEX is one of the ‘good guys’ profiled under Michael Lewis’ ‘Flash Boys’. The stock exchange, which has gained admirable market share in recent years, is dedicated to fair and transparent practices in the stock market. Heat Map Bot gets its news data from NewsAPI.org. Actual stock price data is refreshed around every minute during market hours.